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Hola welcome to Madera I'm welcome to a very special Cristiano Ronaldo flavor of the day kick about that's right it was on this tiny Island where it all started to see all 7 so we've come to find out exactly how I skinny Portuguese boy became one of the greatest players in the world is being a meteoric rise to the top but it all began right here in Madera John it's amazing.

So here we are this is Santa Antonia and this is where the story starts it was here that Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos aveiro was born in these streets where you fast enough to walk how to run and of course were in special ed how to kick a ball tell you what.
It's no wonder a noun so strongly developed ronaldo was the youngest member of his family and I have to squeeze into a tiny bedroom with his older brother and two older sisters and some Christmas if they can't even afford presents you're very happy and very close pictures of really happy childhood on the street where I'm at now that group and I just which is jump ultronic in English and now you saying you knew Ronaldo when he used to live in when he was very small yeah small yeah so are you saying that on this route patch Orchard behind his head he used to steal the fruits the protest little bit of and I'm not alone at Arena where is Dad was the kid man he enjoyed his time here but when CD National can calling the biggest Aid on Madeira he just couldn't resist let's go nationality of Madeira if you think of it as a mountainous Island where the summit of one of those men escaped it's cold an atmosphere is electrical States is why Ronaldo first his football career it was here that he take a look at my me there's a load of booty without us even today this weekend.

Ronaldo was hit by two seasons winning the league title in I need to call the loads of goals in France had a reputation of being a bit of a ball hog and his nickname was the crybaby because whenever they lost he used to burst into tears and we haven't seen that before when were Naldo first could you tell at that early stage he was going to be as incredible a player as he's become even you couldn't say talk to me about the first time that you ever set eyes on Ronaldo rental room I heard that he had a reputation for crying when he lost is that true sympathy very much she he was maybe a bit selfish on the pitch the most surrounded player that has ever been how much do you think is natural talent and how much of that is down too hard work cincuenta glasses of the Winds Restaurant in Winters are Sick Creations Savia where stars with planets division division.

Ronaldo have taken Madeira by storm and by the age of 12 Portugues joint Sporting Lisbon wants it crystianna to join them he was the chance of a lifetime everything he'd worked for but it was still a very tough move to make leaving home at such a young age Christian on Misty's family like mud by his teammates in action Ronaldo lights football do the talkin it may not be the easiest of stars in sports age of 60 more now that have broken into the ftse I was already unemployed its first performances in fact also and Liverpool to be interested and then they came up against a set and Manchester United and the rest is they say is history.

Are going to miss 18 years olds cough the red 12s a million from Sporting Lisbon players was so impressed by him they pleaded with the listen to seal the deal we came to go see each other every day in training it was very very difficult to get the ball off a brilliant in the ass it was very very difficult to my can I play it again cristiano struggled at first the weather the night going Dark Crystal i'm sure why you didn't speak the language referees for the opposition Defenders II because I think he had this Vision that this is what I have to do those areas when she died two particular the way that's like smokes and we'll talk to me I think they said that they helped him become one of the best players in the world evolving number 7 shift Covington hours call Chevy for himself on this life it's always good as a plan to Americans would be on the page but off the pitch very respectful always well well mannered and a great teammate to have in the dressing room he used to always stay maybe cuz my step old was almost in slow motion you have the ability to practice and practice for hours and hours and end of the trail just perfect in the Dropbox with step over laptop by accident that's not a god-given talent krrish 3 she had work cristiano Ronaldo 10 days wonderful potential into world-class Tae by 2008 he won the Champions League trophy with Manchester United highlights are on FIFA Crandon the best player in the world CR7 still wanted more though so world record move took him to Real Madrid and face-to-face with boss little Messi one of the greatest ever sporting rivalries was born exactly how did Ronaldo make it to the very top and how can you yes you learn from the example he set all the young footballers over to you John growing up as a man united fan watching Ronaldo with very special he made me feel that anything was possible with a ball and my introducing skills into a game to keep everyone's attention to Freestyle practice practice practice nobody works harder than Ronaldo it's the only way to improve if you want to get back to have to work hard ronaldo eat healthily balanced diet and what's of water for hydration he also make sure isn't that nice Nelly before training and games this is crucial christiano's altitude is amazing he's such a positive thinking he never allows himself to be next to it ronaldo is a can you imagine all those skills without any end product I look good help your teammates goggles yourself

This is why Ronaldo is so much different the boss Lana genius a small how do you make the most of it Cristiano is developed ronaldo on Messi but no matter what your physique are you can always work I'm running fast that I can't think of any Witnesses in Ronaldo's game absolutely everything you can play the short game a long game pays power skills free kicks and penalties and lots and lots of goals if you want to be a fat to play at make sure you are always I didn't mean things to your game especially cristiano would be nothing without the ads payments like that chopped he's just so exciting to watch making people smile it's all about Southbend yourself be Creative Expressions enjoy it that's why I do that's what Cristiano Ronaldo's and that's how to really become a football what you do when you put so much you put in at The Rim to display it on your mantelpiece well you build the world's biggest trophy cabinet welcome to the Ronaldo Museum John incredible the straight off of got pictures of Ronaldo with all his trophies and Terry is the man the myth the legend cristiano Ronaldo look at this run in the Hall of the museum in Incredibles Howard or success I mean John first three I mean not just creating all of these 91 apparently 5th of April 2015 Ronaldo scored 5 goals then this is the Spanish La Liga trophy cute look at this.
These were given to her now. Portugal equivalent of a night out this is the FBI commit look paw Patrol please very British Speaking of brace trophies has another recognizable League I absolutely love this cuz it's just fan mail and you can see the love from all over the world.
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