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Scoring System
The Capital One Cup employs a two-tiered scoring system in which certain sports (called "Group B") are valued more highly than others (labeled "Group A"). Schools' performances in the Group B sports earn three times as many points as those in Group A. This valuing of certain high-profile sports over smaller, less popular sports has drawn criticism from college sports administrators.[1] In its seven-year history, the Capital One Cup has revised its scoring structure on several occasions to adjust such factors as the number of tiers, the inclusion/exclusion of certain sports, and the tier designation of the included sports. In previous versions of the scoring structure, more sports were included in higher-point tiers, but with the last revision (2015-2016), only five sports were given the high-value "Group B" designation for both the men's and women's Cups.

The current Capital One Cup scoring structure:[2]

Group A men's sports include cross country, skiing, rifle, water polo, indoor track & field, outdoor track & field, wrestling, fencing, swimming & diving, ice hockey, gymnastics, volleyball, tennis, and golf. Group B men's sports include soccer, football (FCS), football (FBS), basketball, lacrosse, and baseball.

Group A women's sports include field hockey, cross country, skiing, rifle, indoor track & field, outdoor track & field, swimming & diving, ice hockey, fencing, bowling, gymnastics, water polo, tennis, golf, rowing, and beach volleyball. Group B women's sports include soccer, volleyball, basketball, lacrosse, and softball.

Group A :2012108654321
Group B :60363024181512963


School YearMen's ChampionWomen's Champion
2010–11[3]Florida GatorsStanford Cardinal
2011–12[4]Florida GatorsStanford Cardinal
2012–13[5]UCLA BruinsNorth Carolina Tar Heels
2013–14[6]Notre Dame Fighting IrishFlorida Gators
2014–15[7]Virginia CavaliersStanford Cardinal
2015–16[8]Stanford CardinalUSC Trojans
2016-17[9]Ohio State BuckeyesStanford Cardinal
2017-18[10]Stanford CardinalStanford Cardinal
2018-19[11]Virginia CavaliersStanford Cardinal
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