History of Football

It might sound surprising but football has a long and fascinating history according to sources it is been found that the sport was first introduced in 1170 in an account which describes a group of youngsters going to play the game of ball streets of the game can be traced back to China in second and third Century BC records taken from the military books describe the Chinese playing a game which was an exercise no name suits you wear the players use the ball made of leather stuffed with hair and feathers aim was to put the ball into the net fixed on bamboo sticks and at the same time defended themselves from attacks variance of the game we're also found in documentation of Greek and Egyptian society which proves that the game has been played through the ancient history animal ladder for the ball which was inflated people getting infatuated with the game and in the 1300s Edward II had to impose ban on playing the game as people stopped practicing archery and played football archery was important for war Edward II was not the only one tube and the game Edward the third Oliver Cromwell and Henry the 4th also followed his footsteps and football the game was not lost and re-emerged and continue to grow in acceptance principally I'm in the wage classes playing football was a chance for them to socialize with people who belong to the same class since there were no referees or any rules the players often got into fights and took is personally most of the times and carry their grudges out and destroyed each other's homes property and business one of the causes was too many players in a field it often reached a thousand the problem grows so much that in 1830 Highway Act was passed which stated that anyone playing football on the highways would be fine addiction to football Rose about the divisions of society and in the 18th century became famous at schools this speaking the background for creation of certain set of rules a meeting of 1848 at Cambridge finalized rules delineating throw-ins goal kicks and goalies rights which are still in use today these were Stepping Stones to the rise of football club teams and the bigger National and international events the English who played an important role in the widespread of the game and its present initiation across the globe the first match to be held outside Europe was in 1867 Argentina which was hosted by many British who worked abroad in those days initially played solely by men the women have also been playing the game from the end of the 19th century the game became quite famous at the time of World War when women took over the jobs which were always done by men women who work in industrial labor always met together to play the game a woman's team from Preston was the first to enter into an international game against Paris the Football Association considered women's football to be in Congress and there was a ban on the game for some time after the World War 1 the English women's fa removed the band in 1971 since then the game has become popular in Britain and other countries teams like Everton Arsenal and Chelsea have female teams who played both for home and international games the game has also Jaded by disasters of 1985 and 1989 that he's still stadium disaster and Hillsborough disaster respectively football has come a long way from its modest Beginnings many years ago

The game
the game of football involves two teams with 11 players each the players use all parts of their body except their hands and arms navigate the ball into the goal of the opposite team they are allowed to use their hands for a throw-in only and on the field that use their the bull their upper part of legs torso and even their head scores the most number of goals is declared the winner of the match I'm actually last 19 minutes and if there is a tie the matches extended to extra-time 2 x 15 minutes a penalty decides the winner if the matches still a tie after the extra time or set by the Football Association England in 1863 but the rules have been modified several times since then International Football Association board controls the laws of football now and half the members of the board

fifa Representatives is the international governing body of football and are also responsible for organizing the most significant event FIFA World Cup the event is held after every four years and Men's National Team of members States play for the cup football hardly requires anything to play which is why it is so common among the kids also you just require an open space something to Mark goal posts and the ball the kids and teens enjoy the games on streets School Playgrounds parks and beaches to take it to a higher level one needs to be trained by trainers who are certified with Lance s there are a few things which are important pair of shorts and a t-shirt a player should have shin guards football boots with studs of the outsole and the goalkeeper needs a pair of gloves people have bought variations in the game for fun and enjoy it as a football five-a-side football and Futsal
 early history ancient games the Romans and ancient Greeks play the number all games using their feet the Roman game known as our paestum has been mentioned in one of the Greek playwrights Aristophanes in 388 to 3:11 BC the name workers in the Christian theology Clement of Alexandria the game Sing similar to Rugby Football Cicero a Roman politician describes how a man was killed while having a shaved in the barbershop when the ball hits him the Romans were aware of the balls filled with air and called them fullest the Chinese were aware of such ball games in the 2nd and 3rd centuries in the rule of Han Dynasty and called the game who you or sushi the Japanese called Kamari and it became famous in the Asuka. The game was played in the Imperial Court of Japan in 600 AD several people stood in a circle and kick the ball without Dropping It On The Ground the game disappeared somewhere in the 19th century but was revived once again in 1903 and continues to be played till date in important Japanese festivals there are many accounts all games being played by people of the in various parts of the world for instance an Explorer named John Davis played football in 1586 with his men and the eskimos of Blended there are records of the game being played by the eskimos on Ice in 1610 a colonists of Jamestown Virginia by the name of William Street recorded an account of a game played by which they called pasta Harmon

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