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Welcome to the psycos stream we're discussing the history culture and philosophy of the beautiful game my name is sofiane and in this article, we're talking about Manchester City Football club's history pull up a seat and left side pain discussion.

Man city is located in the eastern central part of the city of Manchester Manchester is located in the Northwest part of England in the United Kingdom the column currently play in the Premier League and its home ground is called the Etihad Stadium which was originally built for the 2002 Commonwealth Games with Manchester City moving in a year later it holds 55097 people Nancy's history can be traced back to 1880 when the st. Marks Church Cricket Club decided to form a soccer team shortly after the formation though the cricketers became upset with the soccer player's tearing up the cricket pitch within a few years to soccer club split and merge with another soccer club to become Gordon AFC Gordon was a reference to the area of Manchester where the team played in 1887 the club move its headquarters to Hyde Road and changed its name to Ardwick acid by the 1893 1894 season the club experience serious financial trouble after a very poor season in the second division most of the board of Ardwick AFC resurrected and restructured the club in April of 1894 along with the Resurrection the board change the club's name to Manchester City Football Club to try to appeal to all Mancunians or people from Manchester

the club has 4 nicknames which are pretty self-explanatory they are the blues the Sky Blues the citizens or simply see both the nicknames of the blues or Sky Blues come from man City's kit color the club has won shades of sky-blue dating back to when the club changed its name and 1890 for the other two names of the citizens and City come from the club's official name of Manchester City official name around the world to the Manchester City's rise to power in the global Soccer World over the last decade or so many people nowadays will assume you're referencing Man City if you just referred to City.

 Crest debuted in the 2016/2017 season but it sure is a lot of similarities to Crest used throughout the club's history the ship is a reference to the city of Manchester's famous shipping canal and actually comes from the city's coat of arms the red flower is a red row of Lancashire which is the historic County that Manchester is located in quick redistricting history for you in 1974 there were changes to local governments in the United Kingdom. Remove the cities of Liverpool and Manchester from the Lancashire County Government but Manchester Still Remains in the historic boundaries of Lancashire County hence the rows back to discussing the crest the diagonal Stripes come from the Guerrilla family coat of arms the guerrillas were the feudal Lords of Manchester and the Manchester City coat of arms includes many elements of the Guerrilla family crest the crust includes the name of the club Manchester City and the year of 1894 when the club was formed in its current iteration the cross used before the current one included the Latin phrase superbia in proelia meaning pride in battle and is Austin still associated with on April 23rd 1904 city won the FA Cup 1 mil over Bolton Wanderers it was the club's first-ever major Trophy and the first major trophy won by a club from Manchester Flash Forward about a hundred years now to the next two events I want to discuss one of the most important days in the club's history actually came off the field on September 1st 2008 Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed on the Ian and his Abu Dhabi United group official Manchester city city were required only the year prior by former prime minister of Thailand thaksin Shinawatra he became embroiled in corruption charges and had his assets Frozen which force this cell to Sheikh Mansour the cheeks group has since pump billions of dollars into the club purchasing players building infrastructure in purchasing satellite clubs all over the world to change the way English clubs and Global soccer clubs behave incredibly the ownership group has been able to maintain some semblance of the club's core values which are rooted in the community even as they built City into a global Empire without this for sale on September 1st 2008 likely none of this success would have been possible find me the last event I want to discuss happen on May 13th 2012 Man City and man united were tied for first place in the Premier League heading into the last match of the Seas City Hilton 8 gold tie breaker difference so simply needed to match United's result on the day the matches have happened at the same time with Manchester United playing at Sunderland and City hosting Queens Park Rangers City entered stoppage-time on that day down to 1 but scored a dramatic header in the 92nd minute through edin dzeko United match ended with them winning 1 mil and United began celebrating thinking they had won the title. It's time this one in the 94th minute through Sergio Aguero to win the Premier League will likely forever be the most dramatic title conclusion to a Premier League season.

The song Blue Moon is the club's Anthem sung by supporters it's a relatively newer tradition with it reportedly beginning in 1980, not the 80s were a time when many English supporters change from solely using chance to also singing songs during matches Blue Moon was apparently first song after City play Liverpool in The Opening match of the 1989-1990 Season as a supporters were waiting for the Liverpool home crowd to disperse its since become the passion anthem for City supporters another even newer tradition for City fans is the Poznan in 2010 city were in the same Europa League group as left Poznan when Parsons fans came to cities home ground they demonstrated great support including this strange move where the fans turn their back to the match put their arms around each other's shoulders and jump up and down City fans were confused at first but began doing it at their own matches in the weeks after and they've been doing it ever since.

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