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Manchester the birthplace of the Railway Revolution and transport that generated the energy for the cell to fight the first Manchester United footballers with red women employees of the carriage and Wagon Works of the lunchroom Yorkshire Railway you can hate just east of the city on the way to Oldham it was 1878 formation of the football association in Faraway London I want to study swamp in North Road mode so close to the railway yard the pride of the Newton he Depo the engine drivers maintenance man in the very first Manchester Derby matches wish it wasn't selected watched this was a football City from day one other Cricket did have its place in the clubs are, unofficial colors without red but green and gold hubs with black ties the plans changed into that kitchen pops first the three crowns then later she is hotel in 1886 they won the first trophy the Manchester cup the proud Railway Executives guy that stopped last time off dashing sound black with Cup captain very upset then Along Came William McGregor of Aston Villa with this idea for football league original 12 disciples of the English game instead of replacing a fledgling second division 2 Football Alliance they dropped from the name unemployed that first full-time official bettie Page Albert headhunted from Aston Villa I don't say but 1891 didn't hate soon to become men just you and I sing to become Manchester City 5-1 in NFI cups are the Cubs football league debut ended in death plenty of teething troubles in that first year in the Big Time six games without a win october 1892 Wolverhampton Wanderers were eventually Pete North Road 10:1 still the Cubs record the man on the left Bob Donaldson school.

The man on the right Joe Cassidy research Centre of doors for the club hey then to record that feature posterity by me sketches on postcard text a man for those at first who did relegation by beating smoothie city in a playoff the drop was postponed for just one season.

Bring it up they disappeared into the second division for the next 12 seasons I just stopped at the turn of the century the Cubs problems with Financial in 1901 a fundraising Bazaar was organized one of his attraction assassin's burn a dog bologna to Captain Harry Stafford it would become one of your not he's best ever friends money Rising bizarre about it and been a dog with a collection box attached to its neck halfway through the proceedings it bolted through the door including the collection box and finished up and a pub it fell into the hands of JH Davis on this Pub and a cave is that a wealthy davis was told of the club's plight and he came to the rescue his father Louis said the top of the best part of 50 years in every capacity from t-boy to assistant manager initially band of supporters 1jh Davis and his friends the spread Newton he from a winding-up Order In 1902 highest wages would you and 2000 pounds have to be raised Davis became the new president demanding a new approach according to Leah Rucker it was his dad who obliged electroma general meeting to discuss the club's future and are decided to First change the name and all kinds of suggestions with forward to it my father got up and suggested Manchester United the trademark that is Manchester United was registered on the 28th of April 1902 in new colors red and white there's a new headquarters befitting the club sense of ambition I'm very soon a new man in charge what is first real manager took the reins the following year angela Rye from Burnley and the talent to make the club truly successful for the first time soon followed one of the first place to wear shorts above his knees 400 lbs and 1/2 Charlie Roberts from Grimsby in a famous hot pot line he was flanked by Alex Bell on the study dick Douglas search for season in charge.

Photos of the f I kept but Whisper Ridge this was very much mattresses second team ready until flight side they had won the cup in 1906 Magna paid 500 pounds for that started the charismatic Billy Meredith band in bribery and illegal payments candles irresistibly magnetic force who's to prove something of a Pied Piper britain's best fullback Herbert Burgess folding across town along with Striker Jimmy Bannister the league title is on the way to where is City and never managed to win the championship in 1908 that old boys Meredith Burgess Bannister and Co Want It by a country mile setting a new League points record show me the way to go in that same I know the cross-border acquisition weather which city the score of the v-cut win if United in morgan Stacy and I don't with Robinson bail Mother Day falls Turnbull Chernobyl temples Del came to the 22nd bristol City crossbow Meredith was nine manager match evelyn and sightseeing in London returning to a lower bad reception at Town Hall on Tuesday but you're not his first FA Cup but a couple of months later the same place without cops suspended combination to stand by their rights to belong to I play the powers that be back down taekwondo that most momenta steps in February 1910 the club moved to Old Trafford a new stadium financed by JH Davis go to punch the message 60,000 pounds into the 550000 mm or Liverpool with a first opponents Sunday 10 winning for 3 if we are not he lost another game of that famous home october 1910 the first moving pictures of football at Old Trafford pictures never before broadcast market in the second Championship season at home to Newcastle it was the climax of The Magnolia and it has to be the Cubs lost title for more than 40 years these are unique images of a bygone era Shop hats droopy mustaches referees and Lounge suits players and button vest and knee length shorts on Hotmail mystical football we Believe how to migrate charge while I was leaving the ground in a massive crowd as a youngster and going over the railroad by the distance the thing on my feet off the ground I'm being cut it all wrong by the crowd I thought was wonderful quite look forward to the end of the match the end of the season United put five pause something lost the title favourites Aston Villa with tripping over struggling Liverpool Champions by a single point for the times were changing JJ been they took over as secretary manager does mango tea party the title team was breaking up quitting I didn't 1914 John Robinson was recruited from Brighton to try and revive the Cubs fortunes or intervene and United emerge on the other side of the charge of yet another manager John Chapman I'm Different players like Frank Boston to Sheffield blacksmith turn Center off Jody minor Joe Spence who put it on record 510 games for the club at outside right I'm gentleman Clary hilditch who actually mid-twenties putting Chapman's mist f a r t spell for the club preseason spending the second division promotion in 1920 encouragement second reward us for awhile temporary manager off to United first to enter middle supposed toget bamlet once League referee it was one of the more unfashionable spells in their history a cup tired variable places Accords for some considerable excitement to the time
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