The story of FIFA

Today football is a global game FIFA it's our responsibility to develop the game for future generations and its integrity at the start of the twentieth century it was The Great Wave of interest in matches between nations or across Europe the few football associations that existed decided to create an international book The Sound is created the first FIFA statutes for football and they wanted to unify the laws of the game to make it fast and clear he wanted to play in 1930 FIFA join the International Football Association pulled which determined the laws of the game give me a voice at that table to the world of football alongside the existing board members England Scotland Northern Ireland and Wales
in 1930 Jules rimet is dream about global tournament to unite the world of football came through the FIFA World Cup was born but during the people of the Great Depression choosing to move its headquarters to neutral Switzerland
 in 1932 as we have a bowl we have remained committed to all values in 1960 we condemned all forms of racial discrimination
 in 1966 the first ever World Cup mascot was born in 1970 the system of red and yellow cards was introduced at the FIFA World Cup in 1975 we put Global football development at the heart of our mission
 in 1977 we held the first International Youth Tournament in 1988 we held our first International women's tournament in 1991 Women's World Cup in 1997 the laws of the game we revised in 1998 we launched the financial assistance program I'm one year later I'll go program was started both to support I member associations and its 2005 football for the build a better future ^ football for membership has grown from 209 Association 12 wide world, truly Global event call support for football has grown with it and our development I'd FIFA we believe we have a duty that goes beyond the gay we've embraced that visionsense the star and we know that today that's leadership is more important than ever.

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