What's up guys today we got a sick number for you it is the salty nutmeg what happens if you get kicked get a little salty sick ass sulfate is sodium

Cuz that's what we got for you right now to get that salt Bae salty nutmeg this guy kicked you he kicked you and instead of just turn around and kick him know you focus that after we do here go raining we are teaching you guys real stuff okay so when we want you guys to do is channel that anger channel that energy into a move that could help your team and help you rather than kicking the guy okay what that guy doesn't know that he's about to get so some loser in a truck comes by when you guys are training in this film and video that he screams at you right Bloom what do you do if you get mad at him you punch him no no no no no need for that can you put that salt Bae on like this he kicks you from behind you realize that now I have to move away I put the ball away I give myself a little space because that's what's going to allow us to turn as I do that one two three you should still be with you because he's angry for whatever reason as I've done that as soon as he comes in we are there okay so to look you're here if you are in this position right here in a shilling position push the ball off a little bit and let me turn around imagine now I'm going to come towards you guys I'm shielding this guy's right here and they didn't kick you whatever I don't to get it at 1 the ball off very truly quickly now I do it it has to be those three steps though there's a reason why I take that extra step and don't go like this because I'm still want to wait till he's here and if I try not to go in there he's going to put his body in between us and I'll lose the ball we want to be able to get it plants and go that extra touch is really important to go to Francis make sure you do it Maradona roulette their plans nutmeg and now you can go all right you don't have to go for the nutmeg you could have course also for tomorrow over the guy you know that you going to be in this position out here there is coming in over his head thank you thank you ma'am salt Bae damn hi guys that's the vid make sure to check out everything in the description box check out our Instagram or SnapChat go to badass you guys later Nola crossbody peace nailed it

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