He said these are the most basic skills that you need to have down what are your beginner or not okay so this first one scene with showing how to practice it many times but you got to make sure you got it down okay so it's nothing more than the beef bull bag here and here here Used to go there all right and I'm sure not a Friday so I'll put those clips right on there but if you had to defend her right in front of you one thing that we haven't showed us with a Defender it so if we had to defend her right in front of us right now and we were trying to go that way he's of course going to follow us and so maybe we have to throw our decoys suicide because they're here I can go like this and now I'm out here all right and you can use this movie anywhere at any time but you got to have it down all right here here he is way to practice it there there it's a simple basic move on your first day of playing soccer you can learn how to do this move all right and for those of you that I've been playing for a long time and think that it's too easy for you it's not because it comes in handy all the time to change and look up and play and spread the ball all right first one is more of a principal it's not even a move right shielding some of that you have to understand and you have to use everybody does it if you don't get it down you're going to be in trouble so there's only three things you need to remember keep the ball out as far as you can from the defender what's your body stiffen your entire body and then always keep yourself in between if you had a Defender in on you right now what it would look like I would immediately established he's coming from here today just come here I need to get the ball out as far as I can next thing I need to do is lean up against this guy try and get the ball as he tries to get the ball and if he starts to come this way I shipped and turned until always keeping that there and even my turn like this now I have here no matter what the principal stays the same is there this is not a foul all right I put all my body into him like this that way I can keep the ball that she'll do it something so simple but you guys didn't understand Fallout it's been on your toe you can either keep it here this is still not a thought once you get all the way over here away from the ball it's a foul and here I can do whatever I want him taking the ball I have the ball basically nothing I can do that's really a foul and once I grab them to throw so understand that for shielding it's really all you need to know it's an easy thing to practice with friends using the fraction training and it's going to be abused for you in the game alright alright so this one here is a very important one especially for guys that just started because we what happens when you get your back to The Gulch most guys don't know how to turn it all sorts of things that are more advanced body feint you know doing Maradona Xin step-overs like that to get over but there's one basic turn that you can learn from the point of shielding with your back to the goal that are almost always get you a chance of terms the most dangerous thing you can do as an attacking player so there was a defender on the Superman Romeo come right on okay right here now if I have to keep him here but what happens if I move in here I need to turn and go that way right now I can't do anything because he's defending me and there's no way I can get around but if I can do step over like this I faced him up now it's stopping for him now I can go here and I can go there whatever I can do to stop over all right but what's most important for you is of course to get from so here now the only point that I want to make here is that because of how hard he prescient pressing me now if I could step over the ball he's going to take it so you have to protect the ball at the same time while you do a step over so I might be here but I turn like that I've kept the ball I kept my space all that stuff all right so that is the that is the skill all right to step over and if a guy is pressuring you to do like this keep the ball right here in the same time, most basic skills La croqueta just go like that just make sure you understand stop over and if he's crushing really hard stuff over like that very basic skill from that you will use all the time by this one is very important because it has principles within it that you can take to other parts of the game the stuff over / body feints okay so if you was about to do a step over the most important thing is once we step over the ball so he were to step over the ball next he's got a pretty shoulders that you put the shoulder down and goes like this after that because he wants to come back to Startup if you do it through a step over with just standing straight up there is no way anyone is ever going to fall for that you're not going anywhere so go back and do stuff over and this time go over your shoulder so he doesn't he leaves once he's here he's got a shoulder down now all he has to do is push off this foot and go out that way and you're gone all right what internet does 3 little things right there that you all over you come down like this it's the same for a faint even if he didn't step over the ball if he just went here and it would work but it's only you got the Privacy practice with that anybody get to the ball cheers they're out take it slow at first once you get there they're out back come here is there an out all that stuff is useful for you and it's the most basic basic move it is the OG move of all time and you got to get it right.

So this one is simple but it's deadly if you can learn how to use a cut shot fake in the right area it will be deadly okay so what we got here I'm going to talk about your set up first when you do a shot fake if you're at the balls right under you you can't cut cuz you haven't really covered in the ground and the defender in front of you is it going to fall for it if you cut in to the player like this no chances offender hasn't been faked out to even move you've got a fake a little bit how do I push out here he thinks I'm going to shoot across and then I cut and if he recovers I go again and guess what like that so Defender is here right on us right now of course if I cut in here in like this that's it's impossible he knows that's what's happening if I go like this and hear Cuppa Cuppa on again and they're now I've opened up also to space myself that's how you do the shot fig the easiest way to practice is it take it over to the side and cut out to the side and cut the further and faster you can run before you cut the more effective it will be if you just go slow and cut the guy's not going to is not going to move but if you can get the ball out here like this really sprinting cut change direction is deadly all right guys that's the that's so did so make sure to leave us a like comment subscribe follow us.
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